MIUI Hidden Settings

MIUI Hidden Settings - quick access to hidden Android settings.

MIUI Hidden Settings lets you access some useful settings on Xiaomi devices
Xiaomi has seen remarkable success in markets like India and China and is also one of the most popular brands in the budget segment in several developing nations. But it still has a long way to go before it can call itself a developer-friendly OEM, thanks to its policies as well as some perplexing decisions made in its OS, MIUI.

But that doesn’t take away the utility of Xiaomi devices even in their current imperfect format. MIUI as an OS brings a lot of features that several users find useful, and it also packs a few settings which are left hidden from these users. If you’d like to access some of these hidden settings, the MIUI Hidden Settings app allows you to do just that in an effort to give you a better user experience. You can download and install the app from our XDA Labs or from the Google Play Store below.

Overview. MIUI Hidden Settings.

This application allows you to access some of hidden options on your MIUI installed device which is been hidden by the manufacturer (Xiaomi). These hidden options help you get full control over your device such as disabling some pre installed system applications, saving battery life via optimizing apps, controlling notifications, testing and calibrating hardware tools etc.

Accessable Hidden Settings;

- Manage applications
- Manage Notification
- Notification log
- Device information and Testing
- Hardware test
- Terminal test
- Performance tool
- Battery optimization
- Application usage time
- Block visual disturbances
- Content adaptive backligh
- Phone info
- Developer options
- Dessert case (game)
- Easter egg (game)
- Marsmallow land (game)

* This app is written in Python using the Kivy framework.